Former Cable News Reporter Daisy Gonzalez recently joined a virtual classroom with our Career Tech Ed students to chat about her personal industry insights and to answer any questions about Media Arts.

Our students are currently starting credits 4 and 5 covering broadcast journalism, learning the terminology and inner workings of news reporting, and documentary filmmaking.

Daisy shared her career journey, starting with her education at CSUN where she graduated with a degree in communications – to interning and subsequently reporting for Time Warner Cable News.

All of our students were very engaged, enquiring about Daisy’s personal experiences of emotional highs and lows whilst reporting between a broad spectrum, from positive stories to tragic victims of crime.

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Q & A Session Highlights

Q: How difficult is it being a reporter for someone with social anxiety and would it be a good job for them?
A: 100% – I think any job you want would be a good job for you. You’re going to have to face your fear of people eventually, right? Like anything in life, it is something that is going to take work and practice – just don’t let fear hold you back. One of the best tips is looking at your microphone as a ‘shield’.

Q: How do you deal with ‘mean’ reporters or journalists?
A: There are mean people everywhere, but some reporters are really hungry for getting that story… You just have to remember that you’re there to do your job as well. Stand your ground, but be respectful; people will only push as far as you let them.

Written By:
Ann Abajian
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