Learn4Life’s Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways give students a jump-start on their future and an edge in the workforce with the mastery of in-demand skills.

Throughout Learn4Life’s Culinary Arts Capstone Course students learn basic cooking techniques and industry best practices, including but not limited to:

  • Nine (9) Essential Basic Knife Skills
  • Meat Fabrication
  • Stock/Broth (using fabricated meats to minimize waste)
  • Meat Cookery (using fabricated meats)
  • Vegetable Cookery
  • The Art of Breakfast (5 Ways to Cook an Egg)
  • Five (5) Basic French Sauces (Mother Sauces)

On November 12, 2019, Three groups of students competed to design the best restaurant from start to finish – from type of cuisine to pricing & printing the menu. Each team was required to have at least one (1) salad, one (1) soup, two (2) sandwiches, and one (1) speciality item (dessert).

Team #1 was an Asian-Latin Fusion inspired buffet. 🥡 🥢

The fan favorite dish were the Gua Bao Steamed Buns – click here to view the whole menu.

Team #2 was Mexican-Italian Fusion inspired.  🇲🇽 / 🇮🇹

The fan favorite was the pozole and tres leches cake 🥣 🍰 – click here to view the full menu. 

Team #3 theme was English Breakfast and Afternoon Tea 🇬🇧

The fan favorite was the Old English Cream of Lemon soup 🥣 🍋 – click here to view the full menu.

Written By:
Ann Abajian
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