National Community College Month brings recognition to the advantages they provide at-risk youth.

While about 30 percent of college freshmen drop out in their first year, Learn4Life dual enrollment students tend to be more successful in college. According to Learn4Life’s own data, a majority of its students who earn dual enrollment credits and go on to post-secondary education remain engaged in their schooling after their first year.

Learn4Life Vice President of Education Innovation, Michelle Harvey, credits this to Learn4Life’s personalized model that provides one-on-one instruction and flexibility.

“Our teaching methods are similar to college, so it’s an easier transition for our students. They already have learned to work independently, manage their time and avoid procrastination. They gain confidence in their ability to learn and gain skills to be resilient in the face of obstacles.”

“Dual enrollment gives students a taste of college life while they are still in their familiar environment,” she said. “We’re making sure that our students who once struggled in traditional high school have a chance for success in college. Plus, since we pay for their classes, it saves students tuition costs as they work toward a degree while boosting enrollment for community colleges.”

Since 2017, Learn4Life has offered career pathways with dual enrollment at dozens of community colleges. Hundreds of students are taking classes to explore possible majors or just get their core requirement classes out of the way – all without paying tuition.

“They have a chance to experience college-level classes in a safe environment at Learn4Life, with support from their teachers, counselors and mentors,” Harvey added. “Many students who were once behind in credits and struggled to re-engage with their education, now find themselves ahead of the game with their post-secondary education. While we help them earn their high school diploma, we infuse their time here with career planning and life skills to prepare them for the unstructured, sometimes stressful adult world.”

Read about some inspiring students, like Eunice, who was a dual-enrollment student, graduated from UCLA and got a job at the White House!

Written By:
Ann Abajian
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