Learn4Life Salutes “Children of Military Month”

Frequent Moves Don’t Need to Affect School and Learning

LOS ANGELES – April 18, 2019 – Remember the new kid in school? One would just appear in the middle of the year, when friendships and routines were already established. It took them a while to fit in – if ever, and often they would be gone again soon.

There’s a good chance they were children of active military, since the average military family moves every two to three years. It’s especially tough on the military child, who will change schools six to nine times. They often fall behind their classmates, since academic standards and requirements vary by school district. Not to mention the emotional challenges of being the odd one out at school.

Learn4Life, a network of schools that helps at-risk students graduate, salutes Children of the Military month in April. It’s a time to recognize the brave kids who deal with frequent moves, awkward school life and the stresses associated with parental separation and/or injury.

The personalized learning model at Learn4Life is successful at serving students from military families who are working towards graduation. They receive one-on-one attention, customized lessons and mentoring. Plus job training and life skills coaching that builds resiliency and helps them cope with challenges that come their way.

One success story is 16-year-old Starr, who has moved around the country five times and is anticipating another move, possibly to Guam. She came to Learn4Life in search of a more personalized learning environment. “I do better with a smaller group. I can slow down and take my time, she said. Her advice to other military children – “Get more involved in extra-curricular activities at school. If you’re involved in two or three things at each school, it will add it up and help you stand out in whatever you want to do.” She encourages kids to embrace moving to new places and to take advantage of the opportunities.  “Don’t let moving discourage you or stop you from trying new things. There’s no need to ever feel like you’re going to be out of place.”

Find out more how Learn4Life’s proven educational model is ideal for children of military families and other students who struggle in a traditional classroom environment.



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