Remote Learning can be very useful in terms of flexibility because you can work from virtually anywhere, however it can also hinder productivity. Here are some tips and tricks to stay productive during remote learning:

Keeping a Dedicated Workspace
It is important to separate your personal space from your workspace to help you stay focused and do your best work! It is important to identify and mitigate any distractions, such as Social Media or streaming, to ensure an efficient work flow.

Create a List and Celebrate as you Complete Tasks
If you have not started using a calendar, now is a very important time to do so. Use a calendar to create weekly lists of assignment due dates and tasks you may need to do to complete those assignments. Celebrate as you complete tasks to stay motivated and on schedule; as Sir Richard Branson says, “Celebrate your successes, then make new lists of new goals.” Onward and upward.

Create a Schedule
While remote learning, it is important to plan and manage your time carefully by designing a study schedule that suits your life.

Know When to Stop For The Day
Another reason to keep and maintain a schedule is to help avoid burning-out. It is important to know your mental limits – don’t push yourself too hard.

Stay off Social Media While Learning
Staying focused is important, and Social Media can often distract from a task. Instead, use Social Media as a reward for your hard work implemented in your schedule. Treat yourself with a break and scroll through some memes!

Avoid Procrastinating
When Remote learning, it is easy to say “I’ll do that assignment later.” Stay on track with your lists and daily schedule to ensure success and reduce stress!

Video Chat With Your Friends About Class
Humans are social creatures by nature, so it is important to regularly connect with your friends to video chat and see each other. Chances are you are already using video chat in your personal life via FaceTime or Skype, so this is a great opportunity to chat about class and learn from each other at the same time.

Written By:
Ann Abajian
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