Month: July 2020

Putting Students First: Fact Checking the Washington Post

Once again Valerie Strauss and Carol Burris partner to publish unfounded claims and incorrect information about Learn4Life. And as they have always done when it comes to their pieces on Learn4Life, they ignored standards of journalistic integrity to provide article subjects a chance to respond or correct misinformation. Here is the truth about how the […]

Written by on July 28, 2020

Multibriefs: Offset trauma for students by promoting positive experiences

When Christina Bethell was little, she lived in a low-income housing complex in Los Angeles where her neighbor, a quiet lady the kids called Mrs. Raccoon, always had her door open for the neighborhood kids. Every Saturday she threw a little tea party with candy to celebrate any child with a birthday that week. Bethell […]

Written by on July 27, 2020

Pathways Travels Throwback Thursday – Hawaii WWII History Tour

Earlier this year in March 2020, students from San Fernando and Central Valley travelled to Hawaii as part of Learn4Life’s Experiential Learning program. Students and staff chaperones, along with Pathways in Education, explored and learned about the history and significance of the second world war. Every Pathways Trip begins with team building in some way. […]

Written by on July 23, 2020

Public Internet Should be a Right, Not a Utility

By Caprice Young, Learn4Life National Superintendent: In the 1920s, radio was an essential communications device — and it was free. In the 1950s, television became an important means of communication — and it was free. Here we are now in 2020 and there’s a big question: Why isn’t internet free when we need it to educate […]

Written by on July 14, 2020

Teen Mom has Dreams of the Olympics and an Education

Jasmine C. started boxing when she was five years old and by the age of 15, had racked up an inspiring number of awards, trophies, medals, belts and championships for someone so young. While training and setting her sights on the Olympics, she held a 3.72 GPA, received student of the month awards, citizenship awards, […]

Written by on July 9, 2020